Our creativity reflects your identity.

About Us

ID is an integrated design company, adopts a new approach to provide a visual identity that includes all the necessary designs to reflect what your work is in the simplest style and the highest professionalism.

Through our passion and creativity we put a clear fingerprint to give the designs one spirit stemming from your work's character.

Our Services

Mastering the art of identity design, we create, plan and manage branding strategies for clients, offering support across interior design. advertising, and other forms of promotion. Our services include:

Interior design section

Designing a suitable identity that fits your business character, style and location. Our company will plan with you from the first idea until the final implementation on reality. Our services includes:

• New and original designs.

• Semi-realistic 3D designs.

• Accurate and practical studies.

• Professionalism in implementation.

Branding section

We give meaning and mark the product by creating a unique character and a distinct image of the product in the costumer's mind. We give the brand the final touch that'll make it live and take roots in people's minds and hearts. Our services includes

• Logos.

• Posters.

• Visit cards.

• Billboards.

• Brochures.

• Boxes & Bags.

• Road ads.

Photography section

To complete your identity we document it with high-resolution and creative images, our pictures express and explain details, as picture worth a thousand words. Our services includs:

• Professional photography team.

• Professional photography equipments.

• Photo sessions.

• Videos & promos.

• Editing & montage.


Visualizing and animating cartoon characters as 2D and 3D and setting them in motion

Typograhy section

Even letters can reflect your identity by using the authenticity of Arabic and Foreign calligraphy to show the heritage and legacy. Our services includs:

• Decoration.

• Ad designs.

• Portrait.

• Wall paintings.

Packaging section

In order to complete and unite single spirit of the identity, we provide distinctive external form through creative designs for packaging covers, that will reflect the purpose of the product.

Printing section

You can rely on us for all kinds of printing to complete your business identity, We guarantee the production of various marketing materials with high quality. Our services include:

• Digital printing (Adhesive, catcher , posters , flexography).

• Office printing (visit cards, brochures, cardboard bags, paper printing).

• Thermal printing on mugs & pens.

• Silk printing clothes & knitting.

• Nylon bags printing.

Social media adv section

One of the fundamentals of today's business world to spread your business identity to the farthest point to ensure its wider and greater expansion. Our services includs:

• E-marketing by designing posters, GIF, promo ,video.

• Organizing your own page to deliver it to largest number of followers.

Web design and programming section

Having a website for your brand is one of the major keys for your success.

We can design and register (with domain hosting) a suitable website for your business in the best ways.

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